Vine sweet mini peppers

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Vine sweet mini peppers are a hybrid sweet pepper, small in size sold in an assorted tri-color pack under the Master's Touch Label.[1] It was originally developed in the late 1990s by Bionova Produce Inc. formerly R.B. Packing Inc. following the trend to go "mini" that continues to grab attention in the produce arena. Genetic research and actual work was done by DNA Plant Technology, formerly a subsidiary of Savia Holding Company, also the holding company for Bionova Produce Inc.


Characteristic traits for this product include its small size, that ranges from 1.5 inches up to 4.0 inches. Each color is grown separately, and consists of three separate variety of seeds that have very similar characteristics in size, flavor, shape and use, allowing it to be marketed as a single item and used the same way in its kitchen use.

This product is included in large restaurant chains' menus like PF Changs, and others. Replication of the proprietary seeds by extracting the few seeds that the peppers contain (a desirable trait in the original variety) are usually sterile and infertile, and have proven to leave out desirable traits of the peppers when they do in fact germinate.