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Vineet Jain
Born 12th February
New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Occupation MD of
The Times Group
Parent(s) Indu Jain
Ashok Kumar Jain
Relatives Sahu Ramesh Chandra Jain
Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain
Samir Jain

Vineet Jain belongs to the Sahu Jain family and is the current Managing director of India's largest media group, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., for advertising in newspaper for the parent company of The Times of India and other large newspapers.[1] India Today magazine ranked him #23th in India's 50 Most powerful people of 2017 list.[2]


Vineet Jain joined BCCL in the year 1986. He finished his education in Switzerland. All Times of India Group marketing, advertising and promotional material is sent to him for his brand orientation. Crosses circulation of 100,000 copies for the first time in its publishing history. The Times School of Marketing is established in 1990 as an in-house training school to also cater to the Times Group's need for young interns and personnel. He is the current managing director of the Times Group.[3]


The Bombay Management Association conferred the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2013) on Vineet Jain, MD, Times Group, for his role in transforming the group into India's largest and most respected media conglomerate and a powerhouse in radio, television and the digital medium, besides building successful new brands in the print space.[4]


In 2012, Vineet Jain himself formally owned up to the idea when he told Ken Auletta in the New Yorker: “We are not in the newspaper business, we are in the advertising business.”[5]

The 2018 sting operation by Cobrapost, named Operation 136 Part 2, exposed Jain’s willingness to accept black money from the “client” via a circuitous route that he and his top executive offer to set up. The secretly recorded conversations raise disturbing questions about the extent to which the company is willing to muddy the line between editorial and advertising.[6]


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