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Šobes (or Šobes hill) is a well known vineyard location (vineyard track) in the Czech Republic

A vineyard track (Czech: viniční trať) is a term used in the legislature of the Czech Republic, meaning a site suitable for vineyards growing.


By definition of the law no. 321/2004[1] of the Czech Republic, a vineyard track is an agricultural estate, part of an estate, set of estates, ensemble of an estate and a part of an estate or combination of estates, or parts of estate(s), representing a coherent complex/set within one vine-growing region (or sub-region), that is suitable for growing of vine due to its geographical location, incline, length of insolation and soil-climatical properties.

The term[edit]

The term "trať" in the winemaking industry (that is a synonym for the English word "track"), primarily used in Czech language as a term for a "railroad track", does not have anything to do with railway transportation at all, except for its default meaning.

Default meaning[edit]

The originating meaning "railway track" (with a common meaning in Czech language: a railroad section (a sub-set of rails) of the entire railway system specified in the timetable/schedule, having its own ID number, usually belonging to a specifically delimited (coherent) area, typically between a major railway junction where the track starts and a city/village, where the track ends in the last station/terminal, or a track interconnecting two major junctions to cover the settlements in between) is being used in the very same way for the description of a sub-set of vineyards.


In Czech countries, this usage of the word owes its origin most probably to the fact, that the most typical vine-training in Czech Republic is being aided by using trellising, visually resembling (railway) "tracks" that belong together (form a coherent complex).

Other countries[edit]

  • German language - Germany: the most equivalent term is "Einzellage".
  • German language - Austria: The term is "Riede".
  • English/French: the most equivalent term is "Terroir", which however might have much broader meaning, not matching the originating definition.


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