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Vingroup Joint Stock Company
FoundedAugust 8, 1993; 28 years ago (1993-08-08)
FounderPhạm Nhật Vượng
HeadquartersVinhomes Riverside, ,
Area served
Key people
Phạm Nhật Vượng (Chairman)
Nguyễn Việt Quang (CEO)

Vingroup Joint Stock Company (Vietnamese: Tập đoàn Vingroup - Công ty CP), is the largest conglomerate of Vietnam,[1] focusing on technology, industry,[2] real estate development, retail, and services ranging from healthcare to hospitality. The company was founded by property developer and entrepreneur Phạm Nhật Vượng.

Phạm Nhật Vượng announced his plans to build and sell cars in September, 2017. Nine months later, he debuted his plans for a smartphone unit, VinSmart. The breadth of ambition and speed of execution has staggered observers and often, partners. Vingroup subsidiary - VinFast introduced three new combustion vehicles in 2019. [3]


Vingroup was founded in Ukraine on August 8, 1993 as Technocom by Phạm Nhật Vượng. Originally producing dried foods, such as instant noodles, mainly under the Mivina brand, in 2000, the company started operations in Vietnam.

Since 2007, Vingroup is listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.[4]

In 2010, Vingroup sold its Ukraine operation to Nestlé for 150 million USD.[5]

In October 2014, Vingroup bought the supermarket chain OceanMart in a move to gain market shares in the retail industry, and renamed it VinMart. In October 2015, Vingroup bought the Vietnamese supermarket chain Maximark (9 outlets).[6] In September 2015, Vingroup launched a major animal conservation program on Phú Quốc, Vietnam's largest island.[7] In 2016, Vingroup started operating their Vinmec healthcare and Vinschool education subsidiaries as non-profits to improve Vietnamese society.[4] In September 2017, Vingroup started the construction of its own car factory.[8]

In May 2018, 10% of Vinhomes was made public and Vinhomes started trading on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.[9] The 25 year anniversary of Vingroup was celebrated by the opening of the Vingroup owned Landmark 81 tower in Ho Chi Minh City, the tallest completed building in Southeast Asia at the time.[10]

In October 2018, Vingroup announced that its car division VinFast would become the first domestic car manufacturer, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 cars. $3.5 billion were invested in the development of this project.[11]

In December 2018, the group got into the smartphone market with the launch of Vsmart-branded phones running on Android. The smartphones are produced by the group' s VinFast unit. The smartphones are part of an ecosystem of smart AI devices the group plans to launch to market.[12][13]

In November 2018, the city of Hanoi announced that the city will be hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix starting in April 2020, with Vingroup as the promoter of the project. The race was later cancelled due to Covid-19.[14]

In 2018, Vingroup has announced its plan to become an international-standard technology-industry-service business in the future.

In March 2019, Vingroup acquired the e-wallet platform MonPay.[15]

In May 2019, the South Korean conglomerate SK Group bought a 6.1% stake in Vingroup for $1 billion.[16][17]


Vinmec hospital
Vinpearl Hotel Nha Trang
  • Vinhomes: residential real estate development
  • VinFast: automobile, cars and motorbike manufacturing[18][19]
  • VinSmart: The Vingroup Smartphone Company.
  • Vincom: shopping malls (Vincom Centre, Vincom Plaza, Vincom Mega Mall, Vincom+)
  • Vinpearl: Vinpearl owns major resorts in Vietnam
  • Vinschool: education from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school to high school.
  • Vinwonders : Amusement parks and attractions such as an ice skating rink and a water park and Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc.[20]
  • Vinmec: Officially opened in 2012, Vinmec currently consists of 7 general hospitals
  • VinUniversity: higher education institution, in partnership with Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania[21][22]
  • VinFa: Pharmacy.[23]
  • VinID: A technology product development - developing a super app called VinID providing Fintech, Loytal and Digital Marketing services with roughly 7 million users in 2019.
  • VinCommerce: convenience stores (VinMart+), supermarkets (VinMart). Controlling stake sold to Masan Group in 2019, but VinGroup retains a large stake.[24]
  • VINCSS: Network Security Services
  • Vincom Office: office real estate
  • Thien Tam Fund: philanthropical organisation on behalf of Vingroup[25]
  • VinBigdata
  • VinAI
  • VinES (Vin Energy Solution): EV battery manufacturer

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