Vingt Cinq

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Vingt Cinq
Agalega Islands map-en.svg
Location Indian Ocean
Coordinates 10°25′S 56°35′E / 10.417°S 56.583°E / -10.417; 56.583
Total islands 2
Dependency Agalega
Largest settlement Vingt Cinq
Population 250 (2000)
Ethnic groups Creole

Vingt Cinq (French for Twenty five) is the capital of the Agaléga Islands, two islands in the Indian Ocean, governed by Mauritius. It is located on the North Island, near a small airfield. In the town, there is a church, a school, and a hospital.

Coordinates: 10°23′17″S 56°37′08″E / 10.388°S 56.619°E / -10.388; 56.619