Vingtaine du Rocquier

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La Vingtaine du Rocquier
Le Rocquier school
Le Rocquier school
La Vingtaine du Rocquier is located in Channel Islands
La Vingtaine du Rocquier
La Vingtaine du Rocquier
The vingtaine shown within the Channel Islands
Coordinates (Le Rocquier School): 49°10′12″N 2°3′55″W / 49.17000°N 2.06528°W / 49.17000; -2.06528Coordinates: 49°10′12″N 2°3′55″W / 49.17000°N 2.06528°W / 49.17000; -2.06528
Crown Dependency Jersey, Channel Islands
Parish Saint Clement, Jersey

Vingtaine du Rocquier (Jèrriais: Vîngtaine du Rotchi) is one of the three vingtaines of the Parish of Saint Clement in Jersey.[1] Rotchi means rock or rocky place in Jèrriais,[2] and the vingtaine covers generally low-lying coastal terrain stretching north from Le Hocq and rising up hillsides. Within the vingtaine are Saint Clement's school (primary) and Le Rocquier School.

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