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Vinilkosmo is an independent record label in Donneville, near Toulouse, France. It only produces and distributes artists who sing in Esperanto.


Vinilkosmo was created in 1990 by Floréal Martorell in the framework of the Esperanto music association EUROKKA. In January 1999, Vinilkosmo separated from EUROKKA, and went professional.

Studio at Vinilkosmo.

Since July 2009, Vinilkosmo offers a legal download platform for most of the released albums on its site Vinilkosmo-MP3.

Project Kolekto 2000[edit]

Vinilkosmo became famous in the Esperanto public with its project Kolekto 2000. They produced 10 original high-quality albums in their own recording studio from 1998 to 2000:

  1. JoMo kaj Liberecanoj
  2. Jacques Yvart kantas Georges Brassens
  3. Persone : ...sed estas ne
  4. Solotronik : Plimorfia Arkiteknia
  5. Merlin : Por La Mondo
  6. La Porkoj : Ŝako
  7. Kajto : Masko
  8. La Kompanoj : Survoje
  9. Kore : Kia viv'
  10. Dolchamar: Lingvo Intermonda

Since then, the label has released numerous compilations and original productions, becoming one of the major actors in Esperanto culture.


Since its creation, Vinilkosmo has produced and/or distributed the following artists and groups:

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