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Vinjeronden (image center) seen from the higher Rondeslottet. Storronden behind to the left.
Highest point
Elevation 2,044 m (6,706 ft)
Prominence 90 m (300 ft)
Coordinates 61°54′21″N 9°50′52″E / 61.90583°N 9.84778°E / 61.90583; 9.84778Coordinates: 61°54′21″N 9°50′52″E / 61.90583°N 9.84778°E / 61.90583; 9.84778
Location Dovre, Folldal and Sel, Oppland and Hedmark, Norway
Parent range Rondane
Topo map 1718 I Rondane

Vinjeronden is one of the ten mountains in Rondane in Norway over 2,000 metres high. It lies on the border of the three municipalities Dovre, Folldal and Sel, and in the counties Oppland and Hedmark.

The mountain is easily accessed by hiking from the cabin Rondvassbu (DNT), on the way from Rondvassbu to Rondeslottet, the highest mountain in Rondane.

The name[edit]

Vinjeronden covered in snow during harsh summer weather.

The mountain is named after the poet and writer Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. For the last part of the name, see Rondane.