Vinland the Good

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First US edition

Vinland the Good is the title of at least two books.

  • It is a film script by British author Nevil Shute telling the historical story of the discovery of America by Leif Ericsson (so spelt) in 1003. The book was originally published in 1946 in England by Heinemann and in America by Morrow, and re-published in America in 1998 by The Paper Tiger (ISBN 1-8894-39-11-8). In his preface to the script, Shute says “I put a very little of [the story] into a novel which was published in 1939” – this was An Old Captivity, actually first published in 1940.
  • It is also a juvenile historical novel by Henry Treece, an account of the Viking explorations. It is a fairly faithful adaptation of the Greenland saga. Leif Ericson is the main character, but several of his relatives and Karlsefni are also important characters.

"Vinland the Good" is also a description of Vinland used in the Saga of Erik the Red.