Vinodol, Croatia

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Vinodol (pronounced [ʋînɔdɔːl]; Croatian: Vinodolska općina) is a municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia. There are 3,530 inhabitants,[1] with 94% Croats.

The settlements are:

The Law codex of Vinodol, a medieval Croatian codex, was made in and named after this region.

The Vinodol Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in the region. The Vinodol Channel is the part of the Adriatic Sea to the south of the region.

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Coordinates: 45°09′39.96″N 14°45′52.92″E / 45.1611000°N 14.7647000°E / 45.1611000; 14.7647000