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Vinstre 001.jpg
LocationOppland, Norway
Coordinates61°18′37″N 8°58′18″E / 61.31028°N 8.97167°E / 61.31028; 8.97167Coordinates: 61°18′37″N 8°58′18″E / 61.31028°N 8.97167°E / 61.31028; 8.97167
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area28.26 km2 (10.91 sq mi)
Surface elevation1,032 m (3,386 ft)

Vinstre is a lake in the municipality of Vang and Øystre Slidre in Oppland county, Norway. It has an area of 28.26 km2 (10.91 sq mi). It is at an elevation of 1,032 m above sea level.

The name[edit]

The name of the lake is (maybe) derived from the verb vinda 'bend, twist, wind', adding the suffix -str. The name is then referring to the twisted shape of the lake. The river Vinstra starts from the lake.