Vintage Flying Museum

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Vintage Flying Museum
Vintage Flying Museum 2016.jpg
Established 1993
Location Meacham International Airport, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Type Aviation Museum

The Vintage Flying Museum is an American aviation museum located at Meacham International Airport, Fort Worth, Texas.[1][2]


The primary mission of the Vintage Flying Museum, a Texas 501C(3) Non Profit, is to preserve America's flying heritage in Word, Deed and Action.[3]


The museum provides educational programs that include aviation summer camps for middle and high school students, and Take Flight Days, which are programs for elementary school students.[3]


The museum's collection includes:[4][5]

The Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Chuckie was sold in 2010, and transferred from the Vintage Flying Museum to the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia in January 2011, and in 2013 they, too, sold it, to the Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon.[6]


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