Vintage Murder

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Vintage Murder
First edition
Author Ngaio Marsh
Language English
Series Roderick Alleyn
Genre Detective fiction
Publisher Geoffrey Bles
Publication date
Media type Print ()
Pages 275
Preceded by Death in Ecstasy
Followed by Artists in Crime

Vintage Murder is a detective novel by Ngaio Marsh; it is the fifth novel to feature Roderick Alleyn, and was first published in 1937. The plot centers on a traveling theatrical troupe in New Zealand. One of the cast members was a minor character in Enter a Murderer, and refers to that case early in the story.

Television Adaptation[edit]

Vintage Murder was one of four Alleyn novels adapted for New Zealand television in 1977; Alleyn was played by George Baker, in a series called the Ngaio Marsh Theatre.[1]


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