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State of the art in the late 1960s - Underwater photographer Odd Henrik Johnsen

Vintage scuba is scuba equipment dating from 1975 and earlier, and the practice of diving using such equipment.[citation needed]

Twin hose regulators[edit]

The most striking and well recognized example of vintage scuba gear is the twin-hose or double hose regulator, a popular style of regulator[citation needed] since Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan pioneered the first such design, the C45 Scaphandre Autonome, which was marketed in the USA (along with a tank and harness) as the Aqua-Lung. At present,[when?] there is a renewed interest in the care and use of double hose regulators from the "Vintage Era" for scuba.[citation needed] The durability of the regulators from the 1950s through the early 1970s lent them to easily be refurbished and restored. Since 2007, Vintage Double Hose, in Wesley Chapel, Florida, has been manufacturing parts for original regulators as well as a modern version of the double-hose scuba regulator. The regulator is composed of modern polymers and specialty metals.[clarification needed][citation needed] It allows for additional scuba equipment to be attached, such as a submersible pressure gauge, which overcomes one of the problems of the original double hose regulators which were not able to incorporate accessories.[1]



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