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Vinyl strapping refers to straps composed of vinyl. The most common usage for straps made out of vinyl is in furniture. Vinyl is popular in furniture because of the sharp, vibrant colors, ease of maintenance, and reasonable prices.


Vinyl straps are normally composed of virgin or non-virgin vinyl.

Virgin vinyl is new vinyl manufactured and extruded with the original vinyl chemical solution being used. The chemicals and color pigments are pristine, and the entire production process is new and sterile from the beginning. This form of vinyl strapping has great recovery when stretched, the colors are sharp and clear, and its protection from ultra violet rays is very good. Stain-resistant chemicals are built into the product, increasing its lifespan and protecting its appearance.

Non-virgin vinyl is only used to make black or grey extruded products. Vinyl that has been recycled from old straps that have not sold because a color was discontinued or from used straps that have been removed from old furniture are ground up into small bits and melted. Then, black colorant is added and the solution is reformed into screen spline, rub rail and other non furniture straps products. This process eliminates the features of original virgin vinyl.


Straps from vinyl manufacturers are normally supplied in rolls, which can be cut into individual straps of any desired length. However, some furniture manufacturers or retailers may sell individual and cut-to-fit straps. The most common strap sizes are 1.5 and 2 inches wide.

Vinyl straps are attached to a powder-coated aluminum frame and fastened using a plastic or nylon rivet. There are other means of fastening and rivets can also be made of aluminum.

Furniture is often strapped using a method called double wrap where the strap is wrapped around the frame, the fastening rivet, and itself on each end. This makes it very difficult for the strap to pull away from the frame and normally requires the strap to be cut in order to remove it.

Strapping patterns include horizontal and basketweave.

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