Vinzenz Fischer

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Vault paintings Hunting Agamemnon by Vinzenz Fischer, from Green summer house, the Temple of Diana in Laxenburg, circa 1763

Vinzenz Fischer (1729–1810) was a historical painter and professor of architecture at the Academy of Vienna,


Fischer was born at Schmidham, in Bavaria, on 3 April 1729. Following an initial artistic education in Passau, he entered the Vienna Academy as a student in 1751. He made a journey to Italy in 1753–5, and, following his return to Vienna, was accepted as a member of the Academy in 1760. He had a great knowledge of architecture and geometry, and held the post of professor of architecture at the Academy between 1764 and 1808.[1] He died at Vienna on 26 October 1810.[1]


The following works by him are worthy of mention:[2]

  • The Restoring of the Young Man of Nain to life, 1763.
  • The Raising of Lazarus, 1763.
  • Moses when a Boy treading on Pharaoh's Crown (in the Academy at Vienna).


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