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Viola Fischerová (October 18, 1935 Brno – November 4, 2010 Prague) was a Czech poet, and translator.[1][2]


She was daughter of Joseph Louis Fischer; her half sister is Sylviá Fischerová.[3]

She studied Slavic studies at universities in Brno and Prague. She was a friend of Václav Havel.[4]

She worked for 60 years as the literary editor of the Czechoslovak Radio. In 1968, she went into exile with her future husband Karel Michal to Switzerland, where she studied German and history at University of Basel and worked as a teacher. After the death of her husband in 1984, she went to Germany and worked with Radio Free Europe.[5] She remarried to Joseph Jedlicka and lived in Prague.[6]

Her first collection of subsidence could not come out in 1957, thus officially debut in 1993, a collection of poems Requiem for Paul Buksu.

She won the 2006 Desdner Lyric Prize Nyní, the 2006 Magnesia Literary Prize, for Co vyprávěla dlouhá chvíle, and the 2010 Magnesia Literary Prize, for Domek na vinici.



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