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Viola Richard at right on poster for Why Girls Love Sailors (1927)

Viola Richard (26 January 1904 – 28 December 1973) was an American actress.


Born as Evelyn Viola Richard in 1904 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, she appeared in several silent short comedies at the Hal Roach Studios opposite Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, and Max Davidson in the 1920s. Pert and vivacious, she left Roach in 1928, but returned in 1935 to play small roles in an Our Gang short and again with Laurel and Hardy in Tit for Tat. Richard died in 1973 in Riverside, California.

Not to be confused with Viola Agnes Richard, 1901-1955, of 20th Century Fox Films' wardrobe department.

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