List of violent incidents in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, 2001

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Note: This compilation includes only those attacks on Israelis that resulted in casualties and no Palestinian deaths are recorded. Numerous other attacks which failed to kill, maim, or wound are not included.


Amongst other things, the Israeli government has been criticized for characterizing Palestinian non-combatants/protestors as "terrorists"- armed Palestinian fighters.

Total Death Toll in 2001: 2011[edit]

MDT stands for Monthly Death Toll and the number after denotes how many Israeli nationals were killed by attacks this month.

January (MDT: 6)[edit]

February (MDT: 13)[edit]

  • February 1: two Israelis murdered in different places in the West Bank while driving in their cars.[citation needed]
  • February 5: an Israeli soldier killed by sniper fire.[citation needed]
  • February 11: an Israeli settler killed by gunfire while driving.[citation needed]
  • February 14: 8 Israeli soldiers run down by a Palestinian driving a bus.[citation needed]
  • February 26: a body of an Israeli found. Autopsy and investigation revealed it was most likely he was murdered by militant Palestinians.[citation needed]

March (MDT: 8)[edit]

  • March 1: an Israeli killed in a suicide bombing in a service taxi.[citation needed]
  • March 4: 3 elderly Israelis killed in a suicide bombing in downtown Netanya. Hamas claimed responsibility.[citation needed]
  • March 19: a settler killed in a gunfire attack while driving.[citation needed]
  • March 26: a 10-month-old settler babygirl, Shalhevet Pass, killed by deliberate sniper fire in Hebron.[citation needed]
  • March 28: two Israelis killed in a suicide bombing. Hamas claimed responsibility.[citation needed]

April (MDT: 7)[edit]

  • April 1: an Israeli soldier killed in a firefight near Nablus. An Israeli woman stabbed to death on a Haifa street.[citation needed]
  • April 2: an Israeli soldier killed by a sniper while guarding a Jewish religious shrine in Nablus.[citation needed]
  • April 3: eight people are lightly injured by a bomb late at night on Yisod HaMaaleh Street in Hod HaSharon.[citation needed]
  • April 3: 15-month-old Ariel Yered, a resident of the southern Gaza Israeli settlement of Atzmona was critically injured in a mortar attack. His mother was moderately wounded. They were in their back yard when rockets landed during the afternoon hours.[citation needed]
  • April 21: a mutilated body of an Israeli found near Ramallah, militants suspected.[citation needed]
  • April 22: a Kfar Saba doctor of American origin killed by a suicide bomber. 60 people are wounded, Hamas claimed responsibility.[citation needed]
  • April 28: an Israeli soldier off-duty killed and 4 women injured in a drive-by shooting in the Galilee. An Israeli woman stabbed to death in, Galilee.[citation needed]

May (MDT: 19)[edit]

June (MDT: 30)[edit]

August (MDT: 30)[edit]

  • August 5: a pregnant Israeli settler woman is murdered in a gunfire ambush.[citation needed]
  • August 6: an Israeli businessman killed in Amman, Jordan.[citation needed]
  • August 7: an Israeli Arab killed because of suspected collaboration with Israel. An Israeli is killed while driving.[citation needed]
  • August 9: 15 people die and 130 are injured in the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing in Jerusalem. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim responsibility. An Israeli student killed in a shooting attack north of the West Bank.[citation needed]
  • August 25: 3 Israeli soldiers killed in an attack against an Israeli outpost. The DFLP claimed responsibility. 3 Israeli civilians killed by gunfire while driving near Jerusalem.[citation needed]
  • August 26: an Israeli settler is invited to an Arab village and then killed.[citation needed]
  • August 27: an Israeli settler is killed in a roadside ambush.[citation needed]
  • August 29: an Israeli fuel truck driver is killed near Nablus.[citation needed]
  • August 30: an Israeli is killed in the restaurant owned by his Arab friends.[citation needed]

September (MDT: 13)[edit]

  • September 6: an Israeli officer shot and killed in an ambush while driving off-duty to a wedding. Fatah-Tanzim claimed responsibility.[citation needed]
  • September 9: 3 people die in a suicide bombing in Nahariya. A teacher and a school janitor killed in a shooting attack while driving in a van to school in Jordan Valley.[citation needed]
  • September 11: an Israeli soldier and an Israeli border police serviceman killed in an attack on a border police base.v
  • September 12: an Israeli woman killed while driving.[citation needed]
  • September 15: a Jerusalem resident killed in a drive-by shooting.[citation needed]
  • September 16: an Israeli soldier killed while arresting Palestinian militant leaders.[citation needed]
  • September 20: a settler woman is killed, and her husband injured while driving. Their three children were also riding in the car, but were not hurt. Fatah claimed responsibility.[citation needed]
  • September 28: an Israeli woman killed in a shooting attack in Jordan Valley.[citation needed]

October (MDT: 14)[edit]

  • October 2: an Israeli soldier off-duty and her boyfriend killed in a Palestinian infiltration of a Gaza settlement.[citation needed]
  • October 4: 3 people killed when a gunman opens fire in the central bus station in Afula. 13 people are injured, Fatah claimed responsibility.
  • October 5: an Israeli settler killed in a machine gun ambush.[citation needed]
  • October 7: an Israeli farmer killed in a suicide bombing north of Jordan Valley.[citation needed]
  • October 17: Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi is assassinated by the PFLP.[citation needed]
  • October 18: an Israeli tourist is killed while driving in a jeep in the Judean desert.[citation needed]
  • October 28: 4 people killed and 40 wounded when Palestinian policemen attack a crowded bus stop in Hedera. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. An Israeli soldier killed in the Galilee in a drive-by shooting. Tanzim claimed responsibility.[citation needed]

November (MDT: 14)[edit]

  • November 2: An Israeli soldier killed in a roadblock near Ramallah. Fatah (Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade) claimed responsibility.[citation needed]
  • November 4: two Israeli teenagers killed when fire opened by a Palestinian gunman in Jerusalem. 45 people are injured.[9]
  • November 6: an Israeli officer is shot in an ambush.[citation needed]
  • November 9: an Israeli settler woman is killed while driving in West Bank.[citation needed]
  • November 11: an Israeli man, the security coordinator of a Sharon-plain settlement killed.[citation needed]
  • November 24: an Israeli soldier killed in a mortar attack in Gaza, the Hamas claiming responsibility.[citation needed]
  • November 27: two Israeli young women killed when the central bus station in Afula is attacked. 50 people are injured. Fatah and the Islamic Jihad claimed joint responsibility. An Israeli settler killed in a grenade attack in Gaza. Hamas claimed responsibility.[citation needed]
  • November 29: 3 people are killed and 9 wounded in a suicide bombing of a bus near Hadera. Both Islamic Jihad and Fatah claimed responsibility. A soldier is killed and another wounded in a shooting incident on the Green Line.[10]

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