Violent Lips

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Violent Lips, LLC
Industry Consumer goods
Founded 2011
Founder Jeff Haddad, Lori Magnier
Headquarters Santa Monica, California
Products Cosmetics & Beauty

Violent Lips is a cosmetics company founded by Jeff Haddad and Lori Magnier in 2011.[1][2] Their product line consists of temporary tattoo decals for the lips,[3] which create designs not possible with traditional lipstick - such as rainbows, animal prints, and polka dots.[4] They were inspired by Haddad's daughters wearing Chanel temporary tattoos on their lips at a charity function.[5] The products have been featured by Seventeen,[6] Cosmopolitan,[4][7] Teen Vogue,[8] Vogue Italia,[3] MTV Style,[9] Elle Girl,[10] and Essence.[11] They have been worn by Khloé Kardashian, and her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.[7]


The product line has been criticised as too outlandish for everyday wear,[5][12] and "too fussy" to apply.[9] Lindsay Mannering of StyleList stated, "I only see Ke$ha really wearing this, and the "bad girls" who go to prom that pretend to not want to go to prom, but go anyway, and with lip tattoos. Am I right? They'll regret it though, if they want to have a make-out sesh (Though these lips can be worn while making out...)", "I'm kind of imagining what it would be like if I showed up to work with a polka-dot mouth. I think my boss would laugh in my face and tell me to go home."[13]


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