Violent Society

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Violent Society
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Genres Street punk
Occupation(s) Touring Band
Instruments Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums
Years active 1990–present
Associated acts Cranked Up, The Vote, Banner Of Hope, FOD, The Boils
Members Pat Society, John, Squid, Jason, Jeff
Past members Dirty Rotten Bill, Pat Kelly, Mike, Rich and Dave.

Violent Society is a punk rock band that formed in 1990. The band is based out of Philadelphia, PA. The band was formed in high school by two friends, Mike (Mick), Mike Barbecow, and drummer Andy Petrov. Bill (Dirty Rotten Bill) and Pat Kelly filled out the lineup in 1990/91. Dave (Huevos) replaced Bill shortly before recording the album. "Not Enjoyin' It" In 1996 that was produced by scott stedeford and landed in the top 10 punk albums of the 90's. "The Rise of Punk" album was released along with about a half dozen singles, that included East Coast Assholes that was released in 1994 and also received similar acclaim. The year 1997 saw the release of "Times of Distraught" and in 1999, "Separation is Killing Us," the final album before breaking up. Violent Society has toured the United States and Europe numerous times. The band primarily stopped playing together in 2003, occasionally performing "reunion" shows from. However, the band has since regrouped in 2008 with the current lineup. 2010 saw a return to touring with a West Coast tour in June along with the release of "We Don't Believe" on Creep Records. The band recently recorded new material for a soon-to-be-released Kill Your Idols tribute album and an upcoming Christmas compilation. The band reached back to olden days to capture Showcase Showdown's "Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman". They are now concentrating on new material.


The band has toured nationally and internationally numerous times, traveling alongside such acts as Kill Your Idols, The Unseen, The Casualties.

Discography 1990 - 2010[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

Not Enjoyin' It CD, Motherbox Records, 1995

The Rise of Punk Doesn't Mean Anything... 10"/CD, CI/Motherbox, 1996

Times of Distraught 15 song CD/LP, (CI), Separation Is Killing Us CD (Blackout!) 1999

We Don't Believe CD, Creep Records, 2010


Innocent EP—7" Vinyl (Self-released) 1992

You're Gonna Fall 6 song EP—7" Vinyl (Dead Elvis) 1994

East Coast Assholes 6 song split 7" w/ Infant Mortality, 1994

Youth Culture 6 song split 7" w/ Negative Reaction 1995

No-Name (Punk Baby cover) 6 song split 7" w/ the Boils (Schuylkill Records), 1996

Discipline for A New Millennium Split 7" w/ the Suspects (CI) 1997

Violent Society 7" (Creep) 1998

Split 7" With Special Duties (Soap And Spikes) 2001


  • The Complete Punk Collection (Compilation), 2009
  • From the Vaults CD compilation of rare/unreleased (Nesak), 1999
  • 20 Years Of Punk Rock Records

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