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Violets (Viola riviniana) - - 1272262.jpg
The name Violet is taken from the flower of the genus Viola.
Gender female
Meaning "violet"

Violet is a given name for girls which comes from the eponymous flower. As with other such names, its popularity has varied dramatically over time. Flower names were commonly used from about 1880 through about 1910 in the United States, with usage dropping throughout the next 80 years or so; Violet was the 88th most frequent girls' given name in 1900, dropping below position 1000 by 1960. In 1990, the name appeared again in the top 1000 at position 289 [1] and subsequently increased in popularity; it was the 69th most popular girls' name in 2013.[2]

The cognates in other languages are Viola, Violeta, Violetta, or Violette. These are also common girls' given names, whose popularity varies by time and country.

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