Violet Hill (Hong Kong)

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Violet Hill

Violet Hill, also known as Tsz Lo Lan Shan (Chinese: 紫羅蘭, literally meaning violet (flower) hill) is located within Tai Tam Country Park in Hong Kong. The hill is a popular site for hiking. Hong Kong Government named three trails on the hill, namely Wilson Trail, Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path and Tai Tam Country Trail. Towards the top of the hill, it splits into three peaks of altitude 436 m (1,430 ft), 433 m (1,421 ft) and 430 m (1,410 ft). It offers beautiful views of Tai Tam Reservoir Group and Wong Nai Chung Reservoir. The hill is well preserved, with little construction on the hill. A rare and protected species, Hong Kong iris (Iris speculatrix) with violet flower can be found on the hill.[1][2]


The hill is situated in mid-southern Hong Kong Island. Apart from the shore of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay in its southwest, the hill is surrounded by valleys with other hills on the island. With Mount Nicholson in its northwest, it forms a crossroad of Wong Nai Chung Gap where Wong Nai Chung Reservoir is sited. With Mount Butler in its northeast and Jardine's Lookout north, a valley leads to Tai Tam Reservoir in its east, an important water supply construction in the early colonial history of Hong Kong. Another mountain pass Tsin Shui Wan Au (淺水) forms with The Twins and Cheung Lin Shan allows one runs from Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir to the Repulse Bay.

One of the famous residential blocks Hong Kong Parkview in Hong Kong is at the north of Violet Hill amidst the valley.


During World War II, the hill was part of the hostilities near Wong Nai Chung Gap during the Battle of Hong Kong and was used by Japanese forces with field guns to shell Aberdeen.[3]


Violet Hill marks the difficulty of the first stage of the Wilson Trail from Stanley. The trail passes among the peaks of hill. Another trail Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path winds west side of the hill along catchwater of Wong Nai Chung Reservoir and routes south to Tsin Shui Wan Au. Part of Tai Tam Country Trail let hikers go up the highest peak along the north ridge from Wong Nai Chung Gap.

Road access[edit]

There is no road access up the hill. Two surrounding roads, Repulse Bay Road and Tai Tam Reservoir Road lead from Wong Nai Chung Gap to Repulse Bay and Tai Tam Reservoir respectively.

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Coordinates: 22°15′00″N 114°11′55″E / 22.250062°N 114.198498°E / 22.250062; 114.198498