Violet Wood

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Violet Wood
Born Violet Jane Hodges
2 September 1899
Dargate, Faversham, Kent, England, UK
Died 29 February 2012
(aged 112 years, 180 days)
Whitstable, UK

Violet Jane Wood (née Hodges; 2 September 1899 – 29 February 2012) was a British supercentenarian who was the oldest person in the United Kingdom for almost a year before her death at the age of 112 years, 180 days.


Violet Jane Hodges was born in Faversham, Kent, England. She was married to Harry Wood for 62 years until his death at the age of 92.

She drove a car until she was 80 years old, and worked on a farm all of her life.[1] She credited her longevity to eating toast and pickles.[2]

Her sisters Bertha and Marjorie lived to the ages of 106 and 99 respectively.[1][2][2][3][4] She was succeeded in this title by Grace Jones.

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