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Violeta Rivas

Ana María Francisca Adinolfi (known by her stage name, Violeta Rivas; born 4 October 1937) is an Argentine singer and actress, known for participating in the music program El Club del Clan, along with Palito Ortega, Raúl Lavié, Johnny Tedesco and Chico Novarro.

Personal life and education[edit]

Violeta Rivas in El Club del Clan.

Rivas was born in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires Province, in 1937. At the age of five, she participated in a contest in Chivilcoy singing the songs of Clavito Chino and Los Gitanos. A year later, she was chosen by her school to sing in the choir of the Postal Savings Bank. She subsequently studied lyrical singing. Rivas married Néstor Fabián and they had a daughter.


In 1960, she became contracted for four months to perform in Buenos Aires. The director, Ricardo Mejía, gave her the stage name, Violeta Rivas. That same year, she recorded a duet with Bobby Capó, Llorando me dormí, which became one of the radio hits of 1960. Shortly after, she recorded her first major success as a solo artist, Burbuja azul. In 1962, she debuted on Canal 7, participating in the program's El hit de sus favoritos as well as in El Club del Clan. In Lima, Peru, she received the award for Best Foreign Singer. In December 1964, she began filming Fiebre de Junio. She also performed "¡Que Suerte!" in Uruguay, which became her greatest hit, along with Chico Novarro and Palito Ortega. By 1965, after developing a successful solo career, Rivas toured Latin America singing melodic songs.[1] After the 1960s, she continued to perform in other films and to sing other songs such as "Colorado", "El Baile del Ladrillo", "El Cardenal", among others.


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