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A violin is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

Violin may also refer to:




  • Violin family, family of string based instruments developed in sixteenth century Italy
  • Violin octet, family of string based instruments developed in twentieth century United States of America
  • Bass violin, various bass instruments of the violin family
  • Baritone violin, violin variant either one octave below convention or the third largest member of the violin octet family
  • Baroque violin, violin whose design is based in the baroque period
  • Electric violin, electrical variant of the standard violin
  • Five string violin, five string variant of the violin
  • Kit violin, small violin designed to fit in a pocket
  • Nail violin, instrument categorised as a friction idiophone
  • Stroh violin, violin that uses metal resonators or metal horns to amplify sounds
  • Tenor violin, instrument with a range between a cello and a viola

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