Violin sonata in D minor (HWV 359a)

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The Violin sonata in D minor (HWV 359a) was composed (c. 1724) by George Frideric Handel, for violin and keyboard (harpsichord). The work is also referred to as HHA iv/18,10.[1] (There is no HG designation for the work.)

The work is headed "Sonata 2", and follows the G minor sonata in the Fitzwilliam Museum autograph. The sonata (for violin) was not one of the ones published by either Walsh or Chrysander; however, it was reworked as a flute sonata in E minor (HWV 359b) in both their publications.

A typical performance of the work takes just over seven minutes.


The work consists of four movements:

Movement Type Notes
1 Grave
2 Allegro
3 Adagio
4 Allegro

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