Viorel Iordăchescu

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Viorel Iordăchescu
Iordachescu viorel 20081120 olympiade dresden.jpg
Country  Moldova
Born (1977-04-20) 20 April 1977 (age 38)
Kishinev, Moldavian SSR, Soviet Union
Title Grandmaster
FIDE rating 2588 (February 2016)
Peak rating 2651 (January 2012)

Viorel Iordăchescu (born 20 April 1977) is a Moldovan chess Grandmaster (1999) and FIDE Senior Trainer (2015).

He tied for 1st–6th with Reiner Odendahl, Erwin l'Ami, Daniël Stellwagen, Susanto Megaranto and Friso Nijboer at Vlissingen Open 2005.[1] In 2009 he tied for 2nd–4th with Alexey Korotylev and Sergei Tiviakov at Moscow Open[2] and won the 13th Open International Bavarian Championship in Bad Wiessee on tiebreak over other Vitaly Kunin, Abhijeet Gupta and Gerald Hertneck.[3] In 2010, Iordăchescu tied for 1st–8th with Sergey Volkov, Hrant Melkumyan, Eduardo Iturrizaga, Gadir Guseinov, David Arutinian, Aleksej Aleksandrov and Tornike Sanikidze in the 12th Dubai Open.[4] He took part in the Chess World Cup 2011, where he was eliminated in the first round by Sébastien Feller.[5] Iordăchescu competed also in the Chess World Cup 2015, losing in round one to Yu Yangyi.

Iordăchescu played for the Moldovan team in the Chess Olympiads of 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.[6]


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