Viparīta Vīrabhadrāsana

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Reverse Warrior Pose - Viparita Virabhadrasana
Reverse Warrior Pose, Viparīta Vīrabhadrāsana, is a modern variant of Virabhadrasana II.[1]

Viparīta Vīrabhadrāsana (Sanskrit: विपरीत वीरभद्रासन) or Reversed Warrior Pose is a standing Asana in hatha yoga.

Etymology and origins[edit]

The name of this pose comes from Sanskrit विपरीत "viparīta" meaning "reversed, inverted", वीरभद्र "Virabhadra", the name of a legendary warrior in Hindu mythology, and आसन "āsana" meaning "posture" or "seat".[2][3]

The pose may have been created as recently as 2000.[4] Yoga Journal notes that the pose is not found in the 1966 Light on Yoga but is now a favourite with Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teachers.[1]


Viparita Virabhadrasana can be entered from Virabhadrasana II by lifting the forward arm as far back as it will go, lowering the rear arm to the rear leg, and directing the gaze at the upper hand or straight up.[5][6]


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