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Vipava Tabor Bruecke 15092007 42.jpg
The Vipava in Vipava, flowing under the Tabor Bridge
CountryItaly, Slovenia
Physical characteristics
 • locationVipava (in Slovenia)
 • elevation110 m (360 ft) [1]
 • location
The Soča (in Italy)
 • coordinates
45°53′56″N 13°33′12″E / 45.8990°N 13.5533°E / 45.8990; 13.5533Coordinates: 45°53′56″N 13°33′12″E / 45.8990°N 13.5533°E / 45.8990; 13.5533
 • elevation
35 m (115 ft) [1]
Length49 km (30 mi) [1]
Basin size760 km2 (290 sq mi)
 • average17.31 m3 (611 cu ft)[2]
Basin features
ProgressionSočaAdriatic Sea

The Vipava (in Slovene) or Vipacco (in Italian) or Wipbach / Wippach (in German) is a river that flows through western Slovenia and northeast Italy. The river is 49 kilometres (30 mi) in length, of which 45 km in Slovenia.[1] After entering Italy it joins the Isonzo/Soča in the Municipality of Savogna d'Isonzo. This is a rare river with a delta source, formed by nine main springs.[3] The Battle of the Frigidus was fought near the river, which was named Frigidus ('cold') by the Romans. It has a pluvial-nival regime in its upper course and a pluvial regime in its lower course.[4]

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