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Viper Comics
Dallas, Texas
United States
Key people
Jessie Garza (President/Publisher)
Dale Mettam (Editor-in-Chief)
Tony Garza (Senior Creative and Digital Director)
ProductsComic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks

Viper Comics is an American comics publisher that first published works in 2003.


Viper Comics is based in Texas, USA;[1] according to its website it is based in Irving, an inner ring suburb of Dallas.[2][non-primary source needed] Its president since its foundation is Jessie Garza.[3][4] The company was established in 2001, though its first comics were printed in 2003, launching with Dead@17 and Moon Rush.[1][5] Dead@17 was a "sleeper hit" for the company and received positive reviews.[6]

Viper comic books have been distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors and their graphic novels are distributed through Diamond, Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor, Inc., and other distributors.[7][non-primary source needed]

Works published[edit]

The following is a list of titles published by Viper Comics:[8][unreliable source?]


Viper Comics' website has also featured several webcomics, though the current site does not host any webcomics:

  • Bob the Squirrel
  • Brinkerhoff
  • The Horrible Pirates
  • Muffin Time
  • RiverSide
  • Small Wonder
  • Ugly Hill
  • You'll Have That

Adaptations to other media[edit]

Viper's comic series The Middleman was adapted into a TV show of the same name, though the show was cancelled after one season.[18][19]

Current activity[edit]

Though the Viper Comics website is still online, it has not updated since 2014 and its shop page is not functioning.[20][21] Its Twitter account has also been inactive since 2014.[22]

External links[edit]

Official website


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