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Viper M1 is an H game in the Hyper Viper Animation series for the PC released in 1998. It consists of three separate entries.


My Mothers[edit]

In My Mothers, the player assumes the role of Mika, a young Japanese student who fights the forces of evil with the help of a sex-powered suit, due to the abduction of her boyfriend at the start of the game.

Green Boy[edit]

In Green Boy, Natane, who along with her older sisters, Kazumi and Namiki, run a flower shop. One day, a mysterious man arrives and sells the trio a seed in which a male humanoid plant emerges. They then plan on using him to gratify their sexual needs.

The May Works[edit]

Finally, in The May Works two rival alien invaders compete to turn Maki, a young female student, into a galactic incubator.

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