Vipo: Adventures of the Flying Dog

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VIPO: Adventures of the Flying Dog - first season of animated television series for children released in 2007 in Germany. The show is now transmitted all over the world and is accompanied by various kinds of merchandising.


The stories revolve around a flying dog named VIPO. Having unusually long ears, VIPO learns to fly and joins his friends Henry (the stork) and Betty (the toy cat) on a trip around the world.

Main characters[edit]

  • VIPO (the flying dog)
  • Betty (the toy cat)
  • Henry (the stork)

Secondary characters[edit]

Billy (the bull), Dr. Timmly (the guinea pig), Igo (the tiger), Nessy (the Loch Ness monster), Vincent Van Fox (the Fox), Yao (the Chinese monkey), Yoshi (the mouse) Amadeus (The mouse), Amadeus's mice (the mice), Keanu (the rabbit), The Employee Rabbits (the rabbits), Jose (the donkey), Aurora (the cow), Blacky (the sheep), Alexander (the sheep), Dimitris (the goat) and others.


# Title Location Description
1 "Musical Hiccups" Salzburg, Austria
2 "Saving the Empress' Crown" Vienna, Austria
3 "Betty Kidnapped" Venice, Italy
4 "A Trevi Fountain Wish Comes True" Rome, Italy
5 "Billy Must Win!" Madrid, Spain
6 "The Dog Barber of Seville" Seville, Spain
7 "The Kings of Croissants and Baguettes" Paris, France
8 "A Swiss Skiing Adventure" Switzerland
9 "The Munich Dog Competition" Munich, Germany
10 "Zoo Problems" Hamburg, Germany
11 "The Missing Windmill" Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 "The Ravens of the London Tower" London, United Kingdom
13 "Nessy's Kilt" Scotland, UK
14 "The Lost Christmas Gifts" Scandinavia
15 "The Siberian Tiger is Hungry" Moscow, Russia
16 "The Animal Olympics" Athens, Greece
17 "A Pyramid Mystery" Egypt
18 "King Congo" Africa
19 "The Elephant with Bad Memory" India
20 "The Koala and the Kangaroo" Australia
21 "The Crocodile Who Lost His Teeth" Brazil
22 "The Maya Treasure Mystery" Mexico
23 "Uncle Florence" New York, United States
24 "Akiro's Friends" Japan
25 "The Chinese Ninja Test" China
26 "Home Sweet Home" Vipoland


The scripts for twenty six episodes were written by Ido Angel who also directed the show.


The show was produced during 2004-2007 by animation and visual effects studio Snowball vfx in collaboration with animation studio Crew 972. Original score music was composed & arranged by Nir Gedasi & Niv Golan.


The manufacturer and distributor of diverse VIPO products is VIPO Land Inc. who distribute products such as: plush animal toys, books and booklets, 3D animated VIPO movies, audio book CDs & music CDs, DVDs, games, accessories and the VIPO baby-products line.


Second season of animated series about VIPO and his friends is released since May 2011. The season is called "Surviving Time Island" and celebrates their diversity and promotes their similarities. They learn that they are all part of the same world and we can find common ground if we cooperate.

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