Viqarunnisa Noon School

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Viqarunnisa Noon School
1, New Bailey Road, Dhaka
Type Private school
Motto Light Through Learning
Established 1952
Headmaster Mosammat Sufia Khatun
Faculty 2
Grades 1-12
Campus Nearly 10 acres and new campuses have been made in Dhanmondi, Ajimpur and Boshundhara
Color(s)      White and      sky blue
Nickname Viqiz
Accreditation Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka
Yearbook Noon Probaho

Viqarunnisa Noon School (Bengali: ভিকারুননিসা নূন স্কুল) is an all-girls school in Bailey Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh; it has about 20,000 students.


Viqarunnisa Noon School is one of the renowned schools in Bangladesh. It has a glorious past.It was established in 1952 by Begum Viqarunnisa Noon, wife of Firoz Khan Noon, the then governor of East Pakistan. Founder

Main article: Viqar un Nisa Noon

Begum Viqar-un-Nisa Hossain Noon (née Victoria) was Austrian by birth.[1] Born in 1920, she married Sir Feroz Khan Noon in 1945,[2] who had been the Indian High Commissioner in England, and would later become the seventh Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Noons often participated in social work and Viqarunnisa Noon School was one of its projects; there is also a Noon Educational Foundation that funds Pakistani students to study in Oxford and Cambridge, alongside the Viqar un Nisa College for Women, Rawalpindi in Pakistan.


Viqarunnisa noon school has '4' branches in Dhaka city. They are:

  • Bailey Road branch (Main Branch)
  • Dhanmondi branch
  • Azimpur branch
  • Bashundhora Branch

Currently, it also serves the English Version students inside the main campus..

Description and activities[edit]

Viqarunnisa Noon College is a center for higher secondary education in Bailey Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established in 1978.The college took the first place in the combined merit list of the Higher Secondary Certificate examinations and seven times in twelve years between 1994 and 2006. It is named after the Austrian Pakistani social worker, Viqar un Nisa Noon (also wife of Feroz Khan Noon, the 7th Prime Minister of Pakistan).

History established in 1952 at Baily Road, Dhaka by Viquarunnesa Noon, wife of Firoz Khan Noon, the Governor of East Pakistan. It started as a preparatory school with only a few children. But it expanded very soon to a high school and in 1956, prepared students for Senior Cambridge Examination.


1. Debate Club 2. Science Club 3. English Language Club 4. Environment Club 5. Arts And Crafts Club 6. Sports Club

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