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Vir Unis (real name: John Strate-Hootman, born October 26, 1969, in Morton, Illinois) is an American ambient-music composer and performer. He is the co-founder of the AtmoWorks label with James Johnson.


Year Title Notes
1998 Imaginarium with Ma Ja Le
1999 Light Fantastic with Steve Roach
1999 Body Electric with Steve Roach
1999 The Drift Inside Remastered in 2009
2000 Aeonian Glow
2000 Live at Lakeview Planetarium
2001 Aqua Culture with James Johnson & Christopher Short
2001 Blood Machine with Steve Roach
2001 Dreamers at the Edge of Decaying Light Early Works, Vol. 1
2001 Live at Gathering 23
2001 Perimeter with James Johnson
2001 Pulse n Atmo
2001 Perimeter with James Johnson
2001 Live at the Miramar with Interstitial
2002 2012 with The Elf Machine
2002 Lumen
2002 Mercury and Plastic
2002 Symbology
2002 The Yellow House with Christopher Short
2002 Thermal Transfer with Saul Stokes
2003 Book of Mutations
2003 Perimeter II with James Johnson
2003 The Live Transmissions I with James Johnson
2004 Easting with James Johnson; Remastered in 2009
2004 I/O with The Elf Machine
2004 Everything Seeks Balance
2004 Primary Space Early Works, Vol. 2
2004 The Live Transmissions II with James Johnson
2004 Tokyo Highway with The Elf Machine
2005 Not Even the Rain
2005 Perimeter III with James Johnson
2006 The Endless Days of the Mono Gods Early Works, Vol. 3
2007 Henry Hud
2007 Return of the Locust Queen
2007 The Outer Perimiter with James Johnson
2008 Drawn from the Well with Disturbed Earth
2009 Stand Still Like the Hummingbird
2009 The Winter Ghost
2010 Allogenes
2010 Safely, You & I
2011 Entropic 1 with Disturbed Earth