Vira Bahu I of Polonnaruwa

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Vira Bahu I
King of Polonnaruwa
Reign 1196
Predecessor Nissanka Malla
Successor Vikramabâhu II
Born 1179
House House of Kalinga
Father Nissanka Malla

Vira Bahu I (1196) was son of Nissanka Malla and king of the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa, in present-day Sri Lanka. He came to the throne after his father's death, however only managed to reign for less than a day, being crowned at night and slain at dawn by the commander-in-chief of the army, Tavuru Senevirat on the grounds that he was a son not equal to his father.[1][2]

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Vira Bahu I of Polonnaruwa
Born: ? ? Died: ? 1196
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Nissanka Malla
King of Polonnaruwa
Succeeded by
Vikramabâhu II