Vira Narendra Sinha of Kandy

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Sri Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha
King of Kandy
Reign4 June 1707 – 13 May 1739
PredecessorVimaladharmasurya II
SuccessorSri Vijaya Rajasinha
Sri Lanka
Died13 May 1739
Sri Lanka
Kandy, Sri Lanka
SpouseQueen Consort
Pramila Devi
(daughter of Lord Pitti Nayakkar from Nayakkar Clan)

Royal Consort
Udumale Devi
(another Madurai princess)

Royal Concubine
Monaravila Devi
(daughter of Monaravila Dissave of Matale)
IssuePrince Unambuwe Bandara and other sons from Royal Concubines.
HouseHouse of Dinajara
FatherVimaladharmasurya II
MotherMadurai Queen Consort of Vimaladharmasuriya II
- adopted mother

Muthukuda Devi (Royal Concubine / Yakada Doli) - mother

Sri Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha (1707–1739 AD) was the last Sinhalese King of Sri Lanka of the Kingdom of Kandy.He was also known as the "Prince of Kundasale".


Narendra Singha was the successor of his father Vimaladharmasurya II. His mother was a Royal Concubine called Muthukude Devi, who was from a local noble family. According to historical sources his father's other wives became jealous of him. So they conspired to kill him and his mother while they sailed across the Mahawali river at Lewella ferry by drawing. But a young man was going nearby saved both of them.

After this incident King Vimaladharmasuriya II kept his beloved son at Kundasale Palace for safety. Because of this he was called as Prince Kundasale.

Prince Kundasale was a playful boy in his young ages.

Ascension to the throne[edit]

Prince Kundasale was adopted by his father's Queen Consort to offer him the legal inheritance for the throne. When he enthroned few members of the Royal Court disagreed and they tried to give the throne to Prince Pattiya Bandara. As the result during his reign the chiefs and nobles had strengthened their authority. Once a conspiracy was planned by the Second Adigar Yalegoda and his follower chiefs of the court against the king and one of the old friends of the king, called Pedro Dascon alias Pirre de Gascogne, pioneered in protecting the king. In return, the king appointed him as the Scond Adigar in 1709.


Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha was believed to be a considerably pious monarch, and like his predecessor, he lived at peace with the Dutch invaders and devoted himself to the furtherance of literature and religion.


Narendra Singha had several marriages as mentioned in the history. His Queen Consort was a princess from Nayakkar dynasty. She was known as Pramila Devi, daughter of Lord Pitti Nayakkar and Lady Abhirami Devi. She had an affair with king's best friend, Second Adigar Dascon. After it revealed king ordered to behead Dascon.

Narendra Singha had a consort callled Udumale Devi. Some historians say that it was a Hon. name for the Queen Consort.

He married a daughter of Monaravila Disave of Matale and he had two sons from her. One was Prince Unambuwe Bandara and second son was died in early ages.

According to some historical folktales he appointed his maternal cousin sister from Muthukude Walawwa as a Royal Concubine.


After the death of the king in 1739 the throne succeeded by his wife's brother, Sri Vijaya Rajasinha, who was of Nayakkar nationality which originated from south India, as he had no any brothers or sons from the queen consort. But he had children from his royal concubines, such as prince Unambuwe Bandara and others, and refused to appoint them as successors. After that the throne of the Sinhalese kings passed to the Nayakkars till the monarchy ended.

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Vira Narendra Sinha of Kandy
Born: ? 1690 Died: May 13 1739
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Vimaladharmasurya II
King of Kandy
4 June 1707–13 May 1739
Succeeded by
Sri Vijaya Rajasinha