Viral (web series)

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Viral Title.jpg
Created by Fábio Porchat
Written by Fábio Porchat
Starring Gregório Duvivier
Fábio Porchat
Antonio Pedro Tabet
Thati Lopes
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 4
Location(s) Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Running time 15 minutes
Production company(s) Porta dos Fundos
Original network YouTube
Original release April 5, 2014 (2014-04-05)
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Viral is a Brazilian comedy web series by comedy group Porta dos Fundos, in which Gregório Duvivier stars as Beto, a man who after discovering that is carrying the HIV virus, decides to seek the latest eight women with whom he had sexual intercourse to give the news and try to find out who is the possible transmitter.[1]

The series consists of four websodes, the first webisode premiered on April 5, 2014 at the Porta dos Fundos' YouTube channel.[2]


Episode number Original air date Directed by Written by Cast
1 April 5, 2014 Ian SBF Fábio Porchat Gregório Duvivier, Fábio Porchat and Thati Lopes
2 April 12, 2014 Ian SBF Fábio Porchat Gregório Duvivier, Fábio Porchat, Rafael Infante, Carol Abras and Nataly Mega
3 April 19, 2014 Ian SBF Fábio Porchat Gregório Duvivier, Fábio Porchat, Clarice Falcão, Renata Ricci, Julia Rabello and Fernanda Rodrigues
4 April 26, 2014 Ian SBF Fábio Porchat Gregório Duvivier, Fábio Porchat, Mabel Cezar, Juliana Knust, Letícia Guimarães, Antonio Tabet and Camillo Borges



Porchat came up with the idea for Viral during a trip to Africa, a continent with high number of infected by the HIV. The inspiration came after he watched the film 50/50, in which the young Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) discovers having cancer and learn to deal with the problem with the support of a friend. Another inspiration was the episode "Sex Ed" of the American television comedy series The Office, in which the character Michael Scott (Steve Carell) contacts all his ex-girlfriends after being told that his cold sore it's a form of herpes.[3]