Viralukketha Veekkam

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Viralukketha Veekkam
Viralikketha Veekam .jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed byV. Sekhar
Produced byS. S. Durairaju
K. Parthiban
Written byV. Sekhar
Music byDeva
CinematographyG. Rajendran
P. S. Selvam
Edited byA. P. Manivannan
Thiruvalluvar Kalaikoodam
Release date
  • 16 July 1999 (1999-07-16)
Running time
155 minutes

Viralukketha Veekkam is a 1999 Tamil family comedy film directed by V. Sekhar. The film features Livingston, Vadivelu, Vivek, Kushboo, Kovai Sarala and Kanaka in lead roles. The film, produced by S. S. Durairaju and K. Parthiban, had musical score by Deva and was released on 16 July 1999 to mixed reviews and became successful at box-office.[1][2][3][4] The film was remade into Telugu as Kshemamga Velli Labhamga Randi (2000), into Kannada as Yaarige Saluthe Sambala (2000) and into Hindi as Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya (2001).


Sivashankar (Livingston), Kabali (Vadivelu) and Ramanathan (Vivek) are close friends and all three are employed as a mechanic in an automobile company. They are married to Suguna (Kushboo), Ranjitham (Kovai Sarala) and Malini aka Malu (Kanaka). Sivashankar, Kabali, and Ramanathan prefer to lead a sophisticated lifestyle despite belonging to a middle-class family. They borrow money from many people including peon in their factory.

Suguna, Ranjitham, and Malu do not like the way their husbands borrow money to spend more. They try to run a budgeted life but their husbands do not listen to them and the families usually end up with a lack of funds to meet their basic needs. This brings in frequent quarrels between the couples and the males usually dominate and try to keep their wives under their control.

There comes a new tenant Gayatri (Urvashi) along with her husband (Nasser) to stay nearby. Suguna, Ranjitham, and Malu are impressed by seeing Gayatri's mode of running the family as both of them work and also Nasser is helpful to Gayatri assisting her in household works. This makes Suguna, Ranjitham, and Malu decide to go to work so that they can earn more money which will be helpful to improve the financial condition of their families.

But their husbands are against this decision and they don't prefer women working as they want their wives to be only dependent on them. One day, a quarrel erupts in the factory where Sivashankar, Kabali and Ramanathan work following which all three gets dismissed. Kabali comes up with an idea of meeting his old friend Karupppiah (Thiyagu) who is a rich businessman in Bangalore so that he could offer some help.

All three reach Bangalore and meet Karuppiah. They receive a warm welcome and Karuppiah agrees to make them as working partners in his firm. Suddenly police come and arrest Karuppiah for smuggling drugs. This shocks Sivashankar, Kabali, and Ramanathan as they realize that Karuppiah is into smuggling drugs and all three flee from the place. Meantime, Suguna, Ranjitham, and Malu find out that their husbands have lost their jobs and the women decide to go for jobs to maintain the family. Gayatri recommends for a job to her boss (Jaiganesh) in a textile company and all three women get employed. However, their husbands do not like this but they don't have a choice as they are unemployed.

Sivashankar, Kabali, and Ramanathan apply for a job in the same textile company where their wives work (without knowing that their wives are also employed there) by lying to Jaiganesh that their wives are bedridden. Although Jaiganesh finds out that all three have lied to him, he does not express as he has a good opinion on Suguna, Ranjitham and Malu.

Also, the three women do not disclose that they also work in the same company as their husbands will again bring up some quarrel if they get to know the truth. As the three men are employed now, they again start troubling their wives by asking them not to go for work which brings up a quarrel between the couples. The three men forced their wives to leave the home unless they resign the job.

All three women leave the home and Gayatri provides accommodation for them in her home. Suddenly, Sivashankar and Suguna's daughter falls sick and they rush her to hospital. Doctors informed that the child has got a problem in the heart which requires surgery and it would cost Rs.30,000. Sivashankar's ego comes into play again and he does not want Suguna to try for money and instead he goes in search of money but no one is ready to lend him as he already owes a huge debt to his friends.

Finally, Sivashankar approaches his boss Jaiganesh and asks for money. But he insists that he will give money only if Suguna tells as he is not ready to trust Sivashankar for which Sivashankar does not agree. The three men again meet Karuppiah and ask for help. He agrees to give money but on a condition that they should help him in a drugs deal. The three men agree and successfully handover the drugs to the concerned party and receive the money.

In the meantime, Suguna approaches her boss Jaiganesh and gets the money needed. In the hospital when Sivashankar comes with the money, police tracks down and arrests all three men involving in drugs smuggling. Now again Jaiganesh and Nasser come for rescue and they bail them out from jail. The child's operation is done with the money brought by Suguna and the child is saved. Now Sivashankar, Kabali, and Ramanathan realize their mistake and understand that they should treat women with equal respect. The movie ends showing that the three couple start living a budgeted life with proper planning regarding their future needs.



Year Film Language Cast Director Notes
2000 Kshemamga Velli Labhamga Randi Telugu Meka Srikanth, Roja, Brahmanandam, Kovai Sarala, Rajendra Prasad, Preethi Vijayakumar, Ravi Teja Raja Vannem Reddy
2000 Yaarige Saluthe Sambala Kannada Shashikumar, Suhasini, Ananthnag, Urvashi, Anu Prabhakar, Mohan Shankar, Umashree M. S. Rajashekar
2002 Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya Hindi Govinda, Chandrachur Singh, Tabu, Juhi Chawla, Isha Koppikar, Johny Lever K. Raghavendra Rao


Viralukketha Veekkam
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
Deva chronology
Viralukketha Veekkam
Minsara Kanna

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva. The soundtrack, released in 1999, features 5 tracks with lyrics written by Vaali, Kalidasan, Pazhani Bharathi and Dasan.[5]

Track Song Singer(s)
1 'Alli Alli ' Deva
2 'Pombalaya Lesa ' S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chithra
3 'Pondatti Illaaina' Mano, K. S. Chithra
4 'Viralukketha Veekkam' Deva
5 'Yettukattu Vaasal' Mano, K. S. Chithra


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