Virgil Sollozzo

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Virgil Sollozzo
Virgil Sollozo.png
Virgil Sollozzo, as portrayed by Al Lettieri in The Godfather.
First appearance The Godfather
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Al Lettieri
Nickname(s) The Turk
Gender Male
Occupation Drug Lord

Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo is a fictional character and one of the primary antagonists, alongside with Emilio Barzini, of Mario Puzo's The Godfather.

In the novel, it is said that he got his nickname because he has a nose like a Turkish scimitar. He also has a Turkish wife and children, and does much of his business (growing poppy) in Turkey. Sollozzo in the film and novel is described as a powerful, ruthless drug trafficker. He has a meeting with Vito Corleone and offers to make the Mafia chieftain his partner in a heroin trafficking operation in return for money and protection. Vito refuses, reasoning that the politicians in his pocket would turn on him if he dealt in narcotics. Vito's son and heir apparent Sonny expresses interest in the deal, however, and Sollozzo thinks he would be easier to control if Vito was eliminated.

Sollozzo helps orchestrate an assassination attempt on Vito, who survives but is badly wounded. He then has corrupt NYPD Captain Mark McCluskey remove Vito's guard detail so Sollozzo's assassins can kill him; this attempt is also foiled, however, when Vito's youngest son, Michael, saves his father's life. Sollozzo attempts to negotiate a truce, which Michael believes is merely a gambit to buy time for him to strike again. Michael then resolves to kill him.

Sollozzo arranges a meeting with Michael at a restaurant, taking McCluskey along with him as a bodyguard. During the dinner, Michael, having recovered the gun planted in the bathroom by Vito's caporegime Peter Clemenza, shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey dead before escaping to a waiting car driven by another Corleone capo, Salvatore Tessio.

In Francis Ford Coppola's film adaptation, Sollozzo is portrayed by Al Lettieri.[1][2]

In the game[edit]

In The Godfather: The Game, Virgil Sollozzo is voiced by Richard Newman.


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