Virgil von Graben

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Virgil von Graben
Virgil von Graben (Lienz).jpg
Virgil von Graben at the Sankt Michaelskirche in Lienz (16th century)
Burggraf of Lienz, Heinfels, Sommeregg and Lengberg
In office
? – 1507
Preceded byAndreas von Graben as Burggraf of Sommeregg
Succeeded byRosina von Graben von Rain as Burggräfin of Sommeregg - The Prince-Bishop of Brixen Melchior von Meckau as Lord of Heinfels
Stadtholder and captain and stadtholder of Görz
In office
Preceded byUlvinus von Dornberg
Succeeded byErasmus von Dornberg
Stadtholder of Lienz and East Tyrol
In office
Preceded byLeonhard of Gorizia
Succeeded byMichael von Wolkenstein
Personal details
Born15th century
Castle Sommeregg
Castle Sommeregg
Spouse(s)Agnes (morganatic marriage)
RelationsAndreas von Graben (father), Barbara Hallecker (mother)
ChildrenLukas von Graben zum Stein, Rosina, and four morganatic children with Agnes
ResidenceCastles Sommeregg, Heinfels, Lengberg and Bruck
OccupationBurggraf and Stadtholder

Virgil von Graben (15th century — 1507) was an Austrian noble and knight, who was stadtholder of Lienz and East Tyrol and Regent (captain) and stadtholder of Görz. He also ruled four Burggrafschaften (a sort of Viscountships) in the County of Tyrol, the Duchy of Carinthia and in the Archbishopric of Salzburg. Virgil von Graben was a powerful advisor to count Leonhard of Gorizia and emperor Maximilian I.


Virgil von Graben was a descendent of the Von Graben von Stein family, who sprang out from the Meinhardiner dynasty, who ruled the County of Görz, County of Tyrol and the Duchy of Carinthia. His father Andreas von Graben was his predecessor as Burggraf of Sommeregg, the refuge of the Von Graben family. His mother was Barbara Hallecker, daughter of Jörg Hallecker.

Von Graben was Lord, Burggraf (Von Graben was a sort of stadtholder) and "Pfandherr" of Lienz, Lengberg and Heinfels and Burggraf of Sommeregg. At Lengberg in East-Tyrol, Von Graben was a Burggraf in the name of the Archbishops of Salzburg. He rebuillt the old castle "Veste Lengenberch" into a new representative palais. After the year 1487, Virgil rebuilt the castle of Sommmeregg, because it was destroyed by an attack by Matthias Corvinus. In the name of Maximilian I he ruled as stadholder and captain the lands of Lienz, East Tyrol and between 1490 and 1507 the county of Görz. He had played a vital role in the convergence to Habsburg. In 1500 Virgil von Graben, Leonhard of Gorizia's former deputy in Gorizia, took the position as a Stadtholder in Lienz and East Tyrol from him. Virgil von Graben residence at Sommeregg, castle Bruck and at castle Heinfels.

Virgil von Grabens daughter Rosina was married to Freiherr Haymeran von Rain zu Sommeregg; she was his successor as Burggräfin of Sommeregg. His son Lukas von Graben zum Stein became the Lord of Stein (Dellach im Drautal). He has also four children from a morganatic marriage with a wife called Agnes.

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