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Virginia Biddle, 1927

Virginia Biddle (1910 – February 2003) was an American revue performer and showgirl. Biddle was a regular performer in Florenz Ziegfeld's "Follies" shows until 1931.[1]

In July 1931, Biddle sustained burns to her feet and ankles in the explosion of Harry Richman’s yacht Chevalier II. Her friend and fellow cast member in the 1931 Follies, Helen Walsh, was killed.[2] Although she played the benefit performance of the Follies in Walsh's memory, Biddle ended her career on the stage in the wake of the accident, and her injuries also forced her to abandon dancing. She sued Richman for $50,000 damages but received only $50.[1]

Biddle married twice and had three children, later forging a career as a realtor in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.[1][3] In 2003 she suffered injuries in a car accident and died shortly afterwards.[3]



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