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The Virginia Conference was an intercollegiate athletic conference composed of member schools located in the state of Virginia. The league existed from 1928 to 1935.[1]


In 1933,[2] Hampden–Sydney College and Randolph–Macon College left the Virginia Conference over a freshman eligibility rule and formed the Chesapeake Conference alongside American University and Bridgewater College.[3] By December 1935, conference membership had dwindled to four schools. A disagreement between The College of William & Mary and Emory and Henry College over football player eligibility prompted the two to cut relations in the sport and exacerbated what conference officials deemed a "rather serious" situation. At the same time, both William & Mary and the University of Richmond were pursuing membership in the Southern Conference.[3] The following year, both were admitted to the Southern Conference, which marked the end of the Virginia Conference.[4]

Member schools[edit]

The following colleges held membership in the Virginia Conference:[5]

Institution Location Founded Nickname Joined Left Current
Bridgewater College[6][7] Bridgewater, Virginia 1880 Eagles 1929 1932 ODAC
Emory & Henry College[1][3][8] Emory, Virginia 1836 Wasps 1928 1935 ODAC
Hampden–Sydney College[2][9] Hampden Sydney, Virginia 1775 Tigers 1928 1932 ODAC
Lynchburg College[7][9] Lynchburg, Virginia 1903 Fighting Hornets 1928 1932 ODAC
Randolph–Macon College[2][8][9] Ashland, Virginia 1830 Yellow Jackets 1928 1932 ODAC
University of Richmond[9][10] Richmond, Virginia 1830 Spiders 1928 1935 A–10 (all sports)
CAA (football)
Roanoke College[9][11] Roanoke, Virginia 1842 Maroons 1929 1935 ODAC
College of William & Mary[10][12] Williamsburg, Virginia 1693 Indians 1928 1935 CAA

Football champions[edit]


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