Virginia Highlands Community College

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Coordinates: 36°41′57.3″N 82°0′5″W / 36.699250°N 82.00139°W / 36.699250; -82.00139

Virginia Highlands Community College
Established 1967
Type Public
President Dr. Gene Couch
Location Abingdon, VA, USA
Campus Rural
Mascot Wolf [1]

Virginia Highlands Community College is located in Abingdon, Virginia. One of the 23 schools in the Virginia Community College System, the college was established November 30, 1967 to serve the residents of Washington County, western Smyth County, and the city of Bristol, Virginia. Over 3,000 students are enrolled each semester. Dr. Gene Couch [2] is the current president and Mr. Joseph C. Straten [3] is the current chair of the board.


Virginia Highlands Community College serves our community by providing quality and affordable education, training, and cultural activities through an array of flexible, diverse programs that enable community members to succeed today and in the future.[4]


Enriching lives by being a premier educational, cultural and training center in our community.[5]


The VHCC campus buildings include:[6]

  • OTC Building
  • LRC Building
  • ADM Building
  • MEC Building
  • ISC Building
  • NEB Building
  • GRN Building


  • Agricultural and Natural Resources Technology
  • Business Technology
  • College Transfer
  • Engineering and Industrial Technology
  • Health Technology
  • Public Service Technology
  • Workforce Development & Continuing Education

For more information on the programs within these categories, see the VHCC Catalog and Student Handbook - Curriculum/Program Requirements

VHCC Tuition[edit]

In-state residents pay $139.00 per semester credit hour, out-of-state residents pay $333.60 per semester credit hour and students in the 30-Mile radius pay $157.00 per semester credit hour.[7]

Notable Alumni[edit]

  • Doug Blevins, a 1985 graduate of Virginia Highlands Community College. He has gained national recognition for coaching professional football’s premier kickers from a motorized wheelchair, has been selected to receive the 2014 Outstanding Alumni Award from the American Association of Community Colleges.[8]
  • Richard Leigh, a 1973 graduate of Virginia Highlands Community College whose songwriting talents have earned him a Grammy Award and eight No. 1 hits on the country music charts, has been selected to receive the 2011 Outstanding Alumni Award from the American Association of Community Colleges.[9]

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