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Babylon 5 character
B5 virini.jpg
First appearance The Quality of Mercy
Last appearance The Fall of Centauri Prime
Portrayed by Damian London
Species Centauri
Home planet Centauri Prime
Affiliated with Centauri Republic

Virini is a character in the fictional universe of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5 played by Damian London. A member of the Centauri race, Virini is a Minister of the Centauri Imperial Court and later appointed Centauri Regent. He is only named on screen once during the episode In the Kingdom of the Blind.

As Minister[edit]

As Minister, Virini often served as an intermediary in the Centauri Imperial Court, relating the Emperor's orders to his ambassadors early in the series. He was flamboyant in manner and practised strict sobriety, his only vice. He had served for a great many years in the court: he could remember Lord Jano as a small child being entertained by the Emperor Turhan; Londo Mollari had known him since his first visit to the royal court.

In the early part of the fourth season, he cautions Londo not to speak out against Emperor Cartagia after the arrival of the Shadow fleet on Centauri Prime. He claims (correctly, as the audience later finds out) that Cartagia has a desk upon which he has the heads of former cabinet ministers who disagreed with him, arranged in a row.

As Regent[edit]

After the assassination of Cartagia in The Long Night, Prime Minister Mollari informs him that he has been appointed Regent to the throne until the Centaurum clearly determine how to fill the vacuum of power in Epiphanies. However, by the end of Epiphanies Virini came under the control of the Drakh, who sought revenge upon the Centauri Republic for their part in the Shadow War and plotted the destruction of Centauri Prime.

By In the Kingdom of the Blind, Virini has become very reclusive, allowing only his personal physician and a few trusted aides access. He had been found wandering the palace at night talking furtively to himself, took to heavy drinking, and once ordered a guard to kill him, claiming that he was not himself. Routine documents such as status reports on the fleet and other reports were all reclassified 'Top Secret' for the Regent's eyes only, contrary to standard protocols.

The Drakh controlled Virini with a keeper, a parasitic life form that bonded to his shoulder and bent him to the will of the Drakh. Virini ordered the Centauri fleet to launch covert raids upon the shipping lines of members of the Interstellar Alliance to create unrest and distrust within the union. Ultimately this led to the Centauri war at the end of the fifth season, where the Narn and the Drazi devastated Centauri Prime.

In the episode, The Fall of Centauri Prime, the Regent introduces Mollari to a Drakh. The Drakh explains that they were servants of the Shadows and they want revenge by isolating the Centauri. If Londo will not agree to serve them, the Drakh threatens to detonate fusion bombs all over the planet killing millions. Londo agrees, and the keeper leaves the Regent who then dies in Londo's arms.


Not to be confused with Minister Virini, played by François Giroday (only appearance "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place").