Virtua Tennis 3

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Virtua Tennis 3
Players Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Andy Roddick and Venus Williams appears on the U.S. cover art for the game.
Developer(s)Sega AM3 (AC, PS3)
Sumo Digital (X360, PC, PSP)
Designer(s)Mie Kumagai
SeriesVirtua Tennis
Platform(s)Arcade, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
  • JP: March 8, 2007 (PS3)
  • NA: March 20, 2007
  • EU: March 23, 2007
  • NA: March 30, 2007
  • EU: March 30, 2007
Genre(s)Sports game
Mode(s)1 to 4 Players
Arcade systemSega Lindbergh

Virtua Tennis 3 (Sega Professional Tennis: Power Smash 3 in Japan) is the second arcade game sequel to Sega's tennis game franchise, Virtua Tennis. The arcade version of Virtua Tennis 3 is powered by the PC-based Sega Lindbergh arcade system board. Ports for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 consoles are also available with a traditional collection of tennis minigames that the home versions of Virtua Tennis are known for. In 2009, Sega updated and re-created Virtua Tennis 3 in Virtua Tennis 2009.

Console versions[edit]

Besides having Tournament Mode and Exhibition Mode from the arcade version, the home versions include a World Tour Mode and Court Games mode. These game modes replace the Challenge Mode that was present in the arcade version.

The Xbox 360 version has exclusive Xbox Live online tournaments and modes, whilst the PlayStation 3 version incorporates the option to control the game using the Sixaxis motion-sensitive controller.

Both the 360 and PS3 versions offer native 1080p support.

A playable game demo of the Xbox 360 version was released on Xbox Live Marketplace on March 16, 2007.

Game modes[edit]

World Tour[edit]

This is the main mode of the game. In this mode, the user creates a tennis player (male or female), and enters the SPT World Tour with a ranking position of 300th, and with the goal of becoming the number 1. The player needs to improve his ranking by winning matches and tournaments, as well as his abilities by successfully completing training minigames and academy exercises. This mode also allows the player to interact with the featured professional tennis players.


This mode is similar to the arcade version of the game. The user can select either a featured professional player or one of his created players (from the World Tour mode), and must win 5 matches in different surfaces and venues to win the tournament. If the player performs well enough and gets a very good rank (A), he is challenged by Duke, one of the game's bosses. However, if the player performs well in the tournament but achieves a mediocre rank (D), he is challenged by King instead.


This mode allows the user to play single matches with customized options, such as the player, the opponent and the court.

Court Games[edit]

This mode features the minigames from the World Tour mode and is dedicated to multiplayer gaming.


Arcade version
PS3 version
Xbox 360 version

The average scores on GameRankings are 81% for the PlayStation 3,[6] 80% for the Xbox 360,[7] and 79% for PC[8] and PlayStation Portable.[9] On Metacritic both PlayStation 3[10] and PSP[11] versions got 79% while Xbox 360 got 80%.[12]


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