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SlySoft Inc. is a software company located in St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda. Its products consist of software to back up and convert digital media, including CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, as well as copy and back up optical media and render PC-based games playable without the disc.


  • AnyDVD to remove/disable DRM restrictions and user prohibited operations on DVD films, and to fix structure protections and mastering errors
  • AnyDVD HD - to remove DRM, lock-outs, and UOPs on DVD films and additionally High Definition media, specifically Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD
  • CloneCD - to copy optical discs in raw format
  • CloneDVD - to copy non-DRM DVD movies to the hard disk or Single or Dual-Layer DVD blanks (sold also by Elaborate Bytes AG)
  • CloneDVD mobile - to convert DVD files to mobile video players like the iPod or the PlayStation Portable[1]
  • CloneBD - to copy non-DRM Blu-ray movies to the hard disk or Single or Dual-Layer Blu-ray blanks (sold also by Elaborate Bytes AG)
  • Game Jackal - to create CD profiles so a disc isn't required when starting the game
  • Game Jackal Enterprise - extended version of Game Jackal with additional features such as automatic distribution of game profiles to client machines[2]
  • Virtual CloneDrive is a disk image emulator. It is designed for mounting images created by the SlySoft programs CloneCD (.CCD files) and AnyDVD HD (*.ISO files), it can also mount BIN formats.[3]

AACS and BD+[edit]

SlySoft was the first to offer AACS circumvention that worked for any disc available; previous programs only cracked "compatible" discs using a database of known keys.

On 8 November 2007, SlySoft claimed to have completely cracked BD+. However, this turned out to be incorrect, as subsequent versions of BD+ security code have caused SlySoft to re-design its software. On 3 March 2008, SlySoft updated AnyDVD HD allowing the full decryption of BD+,[4] allowing for not only the viewing of the film itself but also playing and copying disks with third-party software. A third iteration of BD+ was released in November 2008, and was announced to be cracked by SlySoft with the release of AnyDVD HD on 29 December 2008.[5] A fourth version of BD+ security code was discovered with the movie Australia on 17 February 2009, thwarting the effectiveness of SlySoft's software.[6][7]

However on 19 March 2009, SlySoft updated AnyDVD HD to version which allowed the decryption of the new version of BD+ used by the movie Australia.[8]


On 1 December 2008 SlySoft announced it would for the first time begin charging its customers for updates to its software.[9]

In November 2010, SlySoft initially announced the discontinuation of the lifetime licensing option beginning January 2011. An e-mail[10] announcing the change ahead of time was sent to all registered customers allowing everyone the chance to purchase the lifetime option "while it is still possible;" and the notice was posted to their official forums. In January 2011, all announcements regarding the change were deleted without comment and a new structured licensing plan was put into place; including the lifetime licensing option at the highest priced tier. SlySoft was able to balance the internal cost matter and the licensing strategy in such a way as to allow continuation of the "lifetime" license option. The 'update service' will only allow updates with a valid license and users are warned if they attempt to install an update beyond the license expiry date. If the user cancels the update the current paid-up license will continue to work. If the user continues then a "renewal" is required.

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