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Virtual Fairground
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Virtual Fairground (2008–2011) was a Dutch video game developer from Amsterdam. In 2008 it acquired the Dutch Flash development studio Flashclub (and renamed it BigWheel Studio) to serve as main development outfit.[1] Virtual Fairground created Club Galactik (2010), a Flash based virtual world and MMO based on an international animated television series called Galactik Football.[2] With the game Virtual Fairground targeted a younger audience.[3]

In 2010 the company collaborated with Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten and announced Pulse, a dance themed rhythm game for iPhone and Steam. It was promised Ferry Corsten would produce 7 new music tracks exclusively for Pulse.[4] The final iOS version of Pulse: The Game was released in March 2010 after being completed by Dutch game developer Rough Cookie.[5] In the same year Virtual Fairground also developed a development platform for Flash-based 3D MMO's; this enige was called The Ride.[6]

In 2011 Virtual Fairground went bankrupt. The company had financial problems due to some cancelled projects and to a disappointing number of visitors of Club Galactik.[7]


  • Club Galactik (online, 2010)
  • Pulse: The Game (iOS, 2010, completed by developer Rough Cookie)


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