Virtual Soccer

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Virtual Soccer
J.League Super Soccer
Japanese box art
Developer(s)Probe Entertainment[2]
Publisher(s)Hudson Soft[1]
Composer(s)Andy Brock
SeriesJ.League Super Soccer
Platform(s)Super NES[3]
Genre(s)Traditional soccer simulation[2]
Multiplayer[3] (up to five players)

Virtual Soccer – known in Japan as J.League Super Soccer (Jリーグスーパーサッカー) – is a 1994 football video game published by Hudson Soft.


The Japanese version featured all clubs from the top division of Japan Professional Football League J.League Division 1 (1994 J.League season), while the European version featured national teams. The player can choose two views, from a left-right perspective or with top-down perspective.[2] There are many other options such as wind control, weather, environment, pitch type and player's velocity.[2]

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