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Virtual Staff Finder
Industry Outsourcing
Founded 2010
Founder Chris Ducker
Headquarters Cebu City, Philippines
Area served
Key people
Chris Ducker
Services Virtual assistants
Owner Chris Ducker

Virtual Staff Finder is a company that is well known for connecting entrepreneurs with virtual assistants in the Philippines.[1][2][3] CEO Chris Ducker founded the company in 2010.[1][2][3] Virtual Staff Finder is headquartered in Cebu City, Philippines.[1][3]


Virtual Staff Finder launched in 2010.[1] The company grew out of founder and CEO Chris Ducker's personal goal to minimize time in the office.[4]

Virtual Staff Finder was created to "bridge the outsourcing gap between working with a home-based virtual assistant and having the backbone and the experience of hiring the right person for the job”, says Ducker. Ducker is also the owner of the outsourcing company Live2Sell Group, which works primarily with medium and large companies on their telemarketing and customer service requirements. He used Live2Sell Group's interviewing and background checking techniques to build Virtual Staff Finder's hiring process.[5]

The company is headquartered in Cebu City, Philippines.[1][3] Its highly experienced recruiting team works on-location, helping Filipino virtual assistants in Cebu and the surrounding areas find full-time and part-time work with successful business owners around the world.[1]


Virtual Staff Finder provides home-based, Filipino general virtual assistants to entrepreneurs. These general virtual assistants or GVAs are primarily your secretary or executive assistant in a regular office setting.

It does background checks and interviews on all job applicants during its sourcing process, amongst other sourcing requirements. Clients choose their favorite from the three best candidates.[1][6][7][8]


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